Corti Organ & Kevin Charm feat. 3PM – Gravity

On Hardwell on Air Episode 230 Hardwell himself premiered our new collab with Kevin Charm and Casey “3PM” Clarke as “Demo of the Week”.

Expect something different with powerful vocals! 🙂

All dates regarding the release are yet to be announced, but if you want to replay the track or check it out, check it on YouTube or via stream on Spotify.

Keep an eye out on our social media pages, so you won’t miss any news.

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Corti Organ – Re-Entry coming soon

After the release of Butterfly on Armin van Buuren’s “A State of Trance” and Narrow on Mark Sherry’s “Outburst Records” earlier in 2015, we proudly announce the next original track Re-Entry on the aspiring Black Sunset Music.

Black Sunset Music started in 2012 as an independent dance label for dark energetic progressive trance music and is now under the roof of Black Hole Recordings, with its unique artists like Mixail, Assaf, Jeremy Vancaular and AWAR.

If you don’t want to miss the previews and the release of Re-Entry, keep a close look on our social media channels for the next days. 😉

Fenology Favorite Five – Vol.5

The label Fenology asked us top pick 5 of our favourite release out of their catalogue.

Of course, our Selection includes our first EP on Fenology, with Adria (Original Mix) and Cranberry Sauce (Original Mix). 🙂

The beautiful trancer Madeline (Original Mix) by Maurice Lekkerkerker from back in 2013 is a track you should defnitely check out, if you haven’t heard it yet.

As a a classic we picked Alex M.O.R.P.H.’s Unification in the Fred Baker Remix and to round things up we also put Jay B – Old Maschine from the ‘I Love Trance, Vol. 1’ compilation into the package.

So here it is: The neat, small “Fenology Favorite Five” Vol. 5 selected by us.

Damaged Records Vol.1 presented by Jordan Suckley & Mark Sherry

If you are looking for the next track from Corti Organ, check out Damaged Records Vol. 1.

Avaiable as CD and digital download in all major stores and packed with tracks from Damaged Records, Outburst Records and Techburst Records.
Tunes by Jordan Suckley and Mark Sherry themselves as well as the likes of Alex DiStefano, Mario Piu, Future Disciple, Thomas Datt, Allen & Envy and more.

All together 160 minutes mixed by Jordan Suckley and Mark Sherry.

A must have double mix CD for every Tech-Trance fan around, out on April 13th.

Here you can find all the information on the full release and a preview of Corti Organ – Narrow.
Released on Outburst Records on May 18th.


CD1 by Jordan Suckley

  1. Royal Flush – Humanity
  2. Royal Flush vs. Freedom Fighters – Walter White
  3. Shekinah – Get Out Your Self
  4. Future Disciple – The Mayans Are Coming Back
  5. Microsis – Anno Machina
  6. The Technicians – Re:sample
  7. Thomas Datt – Prana Flow
  8. Allen & Envy – Coherent (Johnny Yono Remix)
  9. Jordan Suckley – Droid
  10. Future Antics – Twisted
  11. Kriess Guyte – Galactic
  12. Jordan Suckley – Elation
  13. Jordan Suckley – Medic
  14. Sam Jones – No Angel
  15. Jordan Suckley – Who Cares?
  16. Sam Jones & Will Rees – Oversight
  17. Tangle – Sahara (A.R.D.I. Remix)
  18. Daniel Skyver feat. Cat Martin – No One Else
  19. Reverse – Ultima

CD2 by Mark Sherry

  1. Mark Sherry & Dr. Willis – Here Come The Drums (Pedro Delgardo & Dualitik Remix)
  2. Mario Piu – The Code
  3. Shelley – Talk About Drums
  4. Alex Di Stefano – Ironclad (Spektre Remix)
  5. The Reactivitz – Techno Is Of The Essence (Alex Di Stefano Remix)
  6. Alex Di Stefano – No Pain, No Gain
  7. Jamie Walker – Rojo
  8. Ikorus – Nine Lives
  9. Max Graham – The Evil ID (Mark Sherry Remix)
  10. Markus Schulz – Remember This (Mark Sherry Remix)
  11. The Space Brothers & Mark Sherry – Let It Come (Outburst Vocal Mix)
  12. Mark Sherry & Clare Stagg – How Can I (Solis & Sean Truby Remix)
  13. Alex Di Stefano – I’ve Got The Power
  14. Corti Organ – Narrow
  15. Mark Sherry – Vengeance (Tempo Giusto Remix)
  16. Mark Sherry – Vengeance (Lostly pres. Audio Militia Remix)
  17. Mark Sherry – The Pillars Of Creation
  18. Kaimo K – Mayhem
  19. Sam Jones & Rhys Thomas – The End